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Societies and individuals often reach crisis points which force them to choose a new path or trajectory into the future. There may be danger or risks as well as a sense of urgency attached to the crucial points in time.

The Institute of Futurology (IF) is a think tank dedicated to the study of the impact of time, and, in particular, the phase of time called the future, on society and individuals. To understand and read the future it is necessary to understand the nature of time.

For too long, humanity has seen the future as unknowable, as a mysterious domain of uncertainty. IF is dedicated to the destruction of this hugely wasteful myth.

It is time to take greater control of destiny through leverage of the future and the foreknowledge that is both possible to obtain and marvellously useful for planning, strategy, management of resources and insight into the forces and drivers of change.

Welcome to our space. Being here will change your approach to time.